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** Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by instagram?

** Do you find it a struggle to get past 1000 followers? (or maybe even 100!)      

** Do you feel jealous of the influencers who make it seem so easy?

** Do you feel like choosing Instagram content everyday is a chore?

** Do you fear that you'll come across as salesy if you sell on Instagram?

** Do you feel like your followers consist of your friends, family & spammers?


Well, lovely, you've made it to the right place!


You see, Instagram may just look like a platform full of pretty pictures but it’s a VERY powerful marketing tool.

There are currently 500 MILLION active daily users on Instagram and that means that your ideal clients and customers are DEFINITELY  among them!

Instagram may seem overwhelming but it's actually very simple and effective.

There's nothing complicated about growing your followers with your ideal people.

I spend approximately 30 minutes every day on Instagram,

 because once you know the system - it's easy!



I'm an online marketing expert, Instagram strategist & founder of

I've helped hundreds of clients to transform their Instagram & attract thousands of highly targeted followers who are also their ideal clients or customers.

I have over 10k followers.

I consistently convert these followers into paying clients.

Yet, Instagram doesn't feel like a job because I absolutely love it!


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So many people view Instagram as a secret society;

where top influencers travel the world being paid to look fabulous and no-one else has any chance of making it big.

Well, I'm here to tell you that this isn't the all!

Every single person on Instagram starts off with 0 followers. Everyone. With no exception.

When I started out on Instagram I found it completely confusing and I had NO idea what to post or what hashtags to use. But I fell in love with the gorgeous images and the escapism that comes with spending time on the platform.

I dedicated many months and significant amounts of money studying Instagram and I've devised a streamlined system that allows you to grow your Instagram with your ideal followers in as little as 30 minutes a day.

No need for you to spend hundreds of dollars or months of research like I did!


Introducing -

Boss lady blueprint to 10k followers:                         masterclass

A 90 minute LIVE masterclass revealing the EXACT strategies that I used to build my following to 10k followers (who are also my ideal clients!)

This workshop is unlike anything I've ever offered before.

No waiting for months for the information to be dripped out to you on a weekly basis.

No fluffy content that you put on a shelf and never implement.

You will learn EVERYTHING I do in my business to attract my ideal followers every single day and consistently convert them into paying clients AND we will implement the advice on the call!

You will leave the workshop completely ready to hit the ground running and start turning your Instagram into a $$$ making machine!

Because you will have a system.

A proven system.

And I'm here to reveal ALL!



Debra's knowledge on Instagram is second to none. In all of her trainings Debra keeps it simple and to the point, which is exactly how I like it and she has a knack for working out exactly what's needed for your situation.

Through working with her, not only have my Instagram followers increased but I feel a lot stronger in my brand and my ability to keep up with the strategies now in place.

If you're thinking of working with Debra, just do it. You won't be disappointed!

Rachel Matters - @rachel_matters



The Breakdown

**** On the 7th August at 7pm British Summer Time (2pm EST) ****


(This will be recorded if you can't make it live and you will have LIFETIME access.)


I’m going to take you through EVERY SINGLE STEP that I used to attract over 10k of my ideal followers to my instagram page.

No stone will be left unturned. No holds barred and no holding back.


Here are some of the topics that we will be diving into in the workshop - 


** The foundation you MUST have in place to start attracting your ideal followers.

** The programmes, apps and tools that I use to run my Instagram sales funnel as smoothly and effectively as possible.

** I reveal my entire secret triple threat strategy and how this has been INTEGRAL to my exponential growth.

** The two 6:1 content strategies that I use on a rinse and repeat basis so that you will NEVER be stuck for content again.

** How to plan and schedule your Instagram feed so that you create a cohesive, branded theme without spending precious hours every day.

** Organic marketing strategies e.g. hashtags and attraction marketing

** Fireball strategies to grow by HUNDREDS every week! These include the highly effective 3:1 strategy and my unique brand ambassador technique. 


I have NEVER created such powerful content and I know before we even begin that this workshop is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.



Let's ROCK your Instagram and skyrocket your success ASAP! Get into the workshop now and I'll gift you these amazing bonuses - 


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** The first 5 people to sign up for the workshop will receive a

Private VIP coaching call with me!

I will personally look at your Instagram page and tailor a unique strategy just for you! (Value £249)


** The first 10 people to sign up will receive my

Hashtag Success Swipe Files (worth £47)

I will send you 3 swipe files of the go-to hashtags that I swear by for consistent engagement and sales.


** Early access to the private Facebook group

Sign up now and you'll get early access to the Facebook group as an extra bonus. Get started NOW on the pre-work so that you're ready to SKYROCKET your Instagram.

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Debra is a great coach! I needed help building my Instagram for my business but as a newbie to Instagram I didn't know where to start.

Debra supported and coached me through the process with actions that were easy to implement - one step at the time.

I have seen amazing results from following Debra's strategies and I highly recommend that you work with her to reach your goals!

Bjørg Winther Larson - @norsedecor

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Sign up today for just £77! (Easy PayPal Payment)

You will receive an instant email with your invitation and details :)

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Want to join me as a VIP and receive some HIGHLY DISCOUNTED one on one mentoring??


I have 5 spaces available for those who are ready for some next level upleveling and want to attract clients and money into their business like WILDFIRE.


As a VIP you get - 


**** 2 x 40 min Deep dive private VIP mentoring sessions with me


**** 14 days of VIP private client access to me over FB Messenger for daily motivation & support


**** 50% money back option if you decide to continue 1:1 coaching with me 

**** FREE access to the BOSSLADY INSTAGRAM BLUEPRINT workshop included


Click on the pink VIP button -


I’m super excited that I decided to offer this workshop because I know how powerful Instagram is and how quickly it allowed me to skyrocket my business and my life.


I truly want this for you too, and I want to show you how you can CREATE THE LIFE THAT YOU TRULY DESIRE.


You NEVER have to settle for a mediocre life. 


Instagram has allowed me to change my life in a way that I never dreamed possible so don’t delay, lovely!


Grab your bonuses NOW and make the decision to unleash the MAGIC.


See you on the other side!


Sign up today for just £77! (Easy PayPal Payment)

You will receive an instant email with your invitation and details :)