Welcome to Forever Elite, lovely!


Are you stuck in a life that you didn't envision for yourself?


Perhaps, you sit at your corporate desk day after day just dreaming of the time you can leave and become your own boss......

wishing that you had the time to work towards your own goals instead of someone else's.


Or, maybe you dread going back to work because your heart simply breaks at the idea of leaving your children with a childminder.

Do you imagine long days at the beach building sand castles instead of resolving queries while cramped into a tiny cubicle?


I completely understand you because I've been there!


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My Journey


For years, I went from one business idea to the next, just trying to find 'the one'.

That one goldmine idea that would finally mean I could stay home with my beautiful daughters every single day without the fear that one day soon I would have to find a 'real job'.

The first breakthrough came when I started my travel blog about Italy which attracted hundreds of thousands of views worldwide. I gained global media coverage and became an expert on 'la dolce vita'.

I also became a global correspondent for several renowned publications such as The Times of Sicily.

This led to me becoming a Business and Success Coach so that I could teach others how to build a successful and profitable online business.


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I now have over 10,000 entrepreneurs in my community and I've helped thousands of people build a powerful online presence and a streamlined client booking system. Instagram is my specialisation and I currently have 10,000 highly targeted, potential clients as followers.

And this is where you come in!

I feel like I'm now at a point where I have a strong desire to give something back to my loyal community and at the same time emphasise the power of Instagram.

I am therefore opening up applications for a select group of entrepreneurs to be coached by me as they start a brand new business venture.

We will work together to create a powerful business and give you the potential to earn the income and freedom that you truly desire.

I have researched the global market, looking for a stable, structured environment full of possibilities that will allow me to coach the winning candidates to the best of my ability.

After much deliberation I have decided that there was only really one serious contender and that is Forever Living!


introducing Forever Living - 


Forever Living was founded in America over 38 years ago and has been active in the UK for over 23 years. They are the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera products in the world.

The company appealed to me for this project because it has a massive turn over of $2.8 million and also cash generating assets all over the world amounting to $1.5 billion! These include castles in Europe, game reserves in Africa and even South Folk Ranch where the TV series 'Dallas' is filmed.

All of this means that the company is very stable and also cash rich and debt free.

It also integrates well with my Instagram Jet Set programme as Forever Living operates in 160 countries worldwide. I know that this will definitely appeal to those of you with global links (and international aspirations!).


The Forever Elite Project


The successful applicants of the Forever Elite Project will only have to pay the normal start-up cost of a business owner package to enter the coaching programme.

I will then work with you on a one-to-one basis to show you how to build a powerful online business and Instagram marketing system that creates consistent clients.


The first five successful members will also receive my Get Booked Up On Instagram 6 week programme (normally £297) completely free to ensure that you have the very best foundation for your success.



I have never offered anything like this before so apply now if you want 2018 to be truly unforgettable!