Welcome, lovely!   How is your current relationship with Instagram?


Have you tentatively started to put yourself ‘out there’ with the occasional pretty picture or inspirational quote?

Do you gaze admiringly at the fabulous Glamazons of Instagram with their thousands of followers and wonder how they reached their superstar status?

I get it, I really do!

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I get that daunting feeling of intimidation. As though you’ve sneaked into an elite members only club and are just waiting to be discovered as a fraud and thrown out into the back alley.

Surely these #instarich bloggers, coaches and photographers were born that way, right? They inherited this amazing life of swanning around the globe, posting endless wanderlust images showing them working on a laptop in Mexico while fashioning the latest Cavalli swimsuit, right?



They started out exactly where you are right now. Yes, you…….sitting at your dining table in your cosy clothes and getting completely distracted by Facebook notifications when you know you should really be attracting new clients and setting up clarity calls!


I’ve been in your position and I understand how success on Instagram can seem like a distant dream or something that you

dabble with on weekends.

I started in exactly the same place as you…..with 0 followers and 0 ideas of how to change this.

However, I decided that I wasn’t going to be beaten and I cracked the secret code. I figured out the formula to going from 100 non-engaged, spammy followers to 2000 new, fabulous and targeted followers in 4 weeks.

And, it didn’t end there.


I now have over 10,000 engaged followers and a streamlined system that converts my followers into paying clients

(onto my £3000 private business mentorship!).

I dived beneath the glossy Instagram veneer and figured out how to, not only become #instafamous, but also, and most importantly,

become #instarich.

How to set up a profitable business system that works and actually enjoy what you do…..and I do enjoy it……..



In the Instagram Elite Intensive we will dive deeply into your business and set up a strategic Instagram plan that is completely tailored to you……...no cookie cutter formulas here!

We will set up a powerful action plan which covers content, tailored hashtags and a powerful bio.

All of this is only the foundation, as I will also teach you how to grow your Instagram audience rapidly and how to target (and convert) your ideal clients.


You will receive -

A Welcome Packet

When you sign up for your Instagram Elite Makeover, you’ll receive a welcome packet to dive into which will help us to get completely clear on your targets and goals. This will give us an amazing head start and allow us to dive straight into your intensive training.

A 90 minute makeover session via Skype

During your Instagram Elite Makeover Session you will be completely immersed in support to create a powerful, tailored Instagram action plan with expert guidance.

Follow up Support

After a one/two week implementation period, you will also receive a 30 minute Skype call to see if any questions have come up for you since we spoke. This will support you in moving forward with powerful momentum.



     Would you love to discover the exact system I use to attract 200 new, targeted followers every week?

     Do you desire freedom in your business and the ability to attract income with ease even when you’re not in the office?

     Do you desire the knowledge to become a top Instagram influencer with a five figure business?

Then an Instagram Elite Makeover is for you!


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During your makeover session you’ll

     Gain complete clarity around your Instagram message and branding

     Find out where your potential clients are hiding and how to target them without looking spammy and unprofessional

     Learn how to use hashtags in a powerful and targeted way

     Create a personalised marketing plan to convert followers into paying clients


Included with your Instagram Elite makeover

     Comprehensive Welcome Pack

     90 minute Intensive Strategy Session via Skype

     Follow up and Implementation Call





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Don’t spend any more time admiring your ideal life from afar. Your dream life and business are within your grasp and I can show you the exact steps to make it happen.

Leveraging Instagram is one of the most powerful ways you can attract premium paying clients TODAY.

Learn from somebody who has done it themselves and built a following of 10,000 targeted potential clients in only a few months!