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I’ve decided to finally do it.

I’ve decided to finally reveal all my manifesting secrets to my soulmate tribe!


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For months now I’ve been sharing my magical manifesting stories……..

like how I manifested a FREE scholarship in a 6 month high level coaching course with one of the TOP industry leaders,

and also

how I manifested a white Range Rover Sport the SAME DAY that I wrote about it in my journal.


Well, now I’ve decided that the time has come to open my secret spell book and reveal my manifesting secrets……

because it just isn’t fair on the amazing, next-level women that follow me every single day, reading my stories and sending me countless messages telling me how much they inspire and motivate them.


You see, I’ve always had a love for manifesting… started small - perfect car parking spaces right outside the cinema or restaurant and people that I hadn’t seen for years just popping up right in front of me.

But then, I became obsessed with this sensational new power (that had actually been inside of me all along……I just didn’t realise it!) and I decided to have fun with it.


So at the beginning of this year I decided that I desired the support and community of a high vibe group of fabulous, ambitious entrepreneurs and the upleveling that comes with a powerful, coaching programme.

Of course, the perfect opportunity presented itself in front of me that very day and I knew that it was meant for me.


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I put everything I knew about manifesting into practice, fully tuned into my powers and decided that the 6 month scholarship had to be mine.


And guess what happened………….the most incredible women from across the world sent in amazing applications -


but of course, they had no chance because I’d already set the wheels in motion and decided that it was mine………it was already done.


My name was chosen, as I knew it would be, and I’m now a member of one of the most exclusive coaching programmes out there.



You may already be familiar with my next story because it went internet crazy as soon as I published it on Facebook! But just in case, here you go - 

For a long time now I’ve decided that my next car is going to be a white Range Rover Sport.

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I can already see myself cruising along in it and feel the soft, leather interior enveloping me in power and luxury.

So, about two weeks ago, I was doing my journaling and my dream car popped into my head so, of course, I wrote it down and set the intention that it was already mine.

Well less than two hours later I received a message from the social media manager of a luxury car hire company.

Their director, a finalist from The Apprentice, had decided to take his business to the next level and hire a Brand Ambassador………..

and guess who they wanted? Me!


In exchange for this they wanted to give me FREE access to their luxury fleet of cars……

and guess what popped up first on their website?

I’m sure you can guess the answer to this :-)

A White Range Rover Sport!!!!!!!


Wow!! This was top level manifesting even for me.

But, here’s the thing -

it all made sense and I said “of course that just happened in the space of an afternoon”.


So, now you understand why I LOVE manifesting and why I want to finally release my secrets to a select number of inspired entrepreneurs from my soulmate tribe.


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Because, believe me, not everyone is ready for this.

Not everyone is at the right stage to receive such powerful information and such an intense transformation.

But, you’re here and you’re still reading……

and that’s why I believe that you are one of the very, very few who are ready.







**** On the 31st August at 7pm British Summer Time (2pm EST) ****


(This will be recorded if you can't make it live.)


I’m going to take you through EVERY SINGLE STEP that I use to manifest money, clients, scholarships and Range Rovers into my life.

No stone will be left unturned. No holds barred and no holding back.


Here are some of the topics that we will be diving into in the workshop - 


** Busting through old blocks & beliefs that are holding you back from attracting prosperity & abundance

** Aligning yourself with new beliefs that are 100% in alignment with what you want to manifest.

** The exact morning practice that I use EVERY SINGLE DAY to ensure success

** An unfiltered look into my very own journal and my journal practices (these are the KEY to manifesting magic)

** Creating bulletproof belief that the magic WILL happen

** How to use anchors to keep the magic going until your goal is achieved  

** The inspired action steps you MUST take to CLAIM what you want


I have NEVER created such powerful content and I know before we even begin that this programme is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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After this workshop you will be able to manifest anything you desire into your life.


Whether that’s money, soulmate clients, the love of your life, new exciting friends…….

you name it, it’s possible.


Believe me, the Universe doesn’t discriminate.


You just have to decide, believe and take aligned action.


Admit it, you NEED this knowledge in your life. Everybody does but unfortunately (or fortunately for us!) only 0.01% even know that this is possible!



I’ve also decided to add some AMAZING bonuses to make this even more of a no-brainer for you.

Here goes - 


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**** The first 5 people to sign up for the workshop will receive a

20 minute one on one follow-up call with me!


This is to support you in implementing the HUGE amount of knowledge & content that you have acquired and answer any questions that have come up for since the workshop.


This alone is worth £250.

I can’t actually believe that I’m offering this as a bonus but it came up in my journaling and I NEVER shut down my inner guidance!


**** The first 10 people to sign up will receive my

Conscious Language audio training (worth £147)

This audio training has been created specifically for this workshop and gives you ESSENTIAL training around using conscious language, why this is SO important when manifesting, and the exact steps to take to uplevel the language that you use.


**** The first 15 people will receive my journaling cheatsheet (worth £97)

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This PDF cheatsheet gives you the exact journaling prompts that I use in my daily journaling to ALWAYS write my dream life into reality. No more opening up your notebook and staring at a blank page for hours. 


This cheatsheet gives you powerful prompts to skyrocket your manifesting power and turn you into a journaling master.


These bonuses alone are worth more than the entire cost of the workshop and I highly recommend that you sign up ASAP to secure your bonuses (my bonuses always go very quickly)


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Want to join me as a VIP and receive some HIGHLY DISCOUNTED one on one mentoring??


I have 10 spaces available for those who are ready for some next level upleveling and want to attract clients and money into their business like WILDFIRE.


As a VIP you get - 


**** 2 x 40 min Deep dive private VIP mentoring sessions with me


**** 14 days of VIP private client access to me over FB Messenger for daily motivation & support


**** 50% money back option if you decide to continue 1:1 coaching with me


**** FREE access to the MANIFESTING MAGIC workshop included


Click on the gold VIP button to be a VIP


I’m super excited that I decided to offer this workshop because I know how powerful manifesting is and how quickly it allowed me to skyrocket my business and my life.


I truly want this for you too, and I want to show you how you can CREATE THE LIFE THAT YOU TRULY DESIRE.


You NEVER have to settle for a mediocre life. 


Manifesting has allowed me to change my life in a way that I never dreamed possible so don’t delay, lovely!


Grab your bonuses NOW and make the decision to unleash the MAGIC.


See you on the other side!