"Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly" - Andy Andrews

Ready to live fabulously free and make $5k+ every single month doing work you love?

You're in the right place,  lovely!


You're capable of amazing things. You're a strong, powerful women. You can live out your fabulous dreams and travel the world.

You know this already right?!

But right now you just feel STUCK!


Your desire is to build a coaching business that allows you to -

* Work the hours that YOU choose

*Build up a portfolio of PERFECT clients that you LOVE working with

* Travel to exotic destinations

* Become financially free and independent


You are truly ready & excited to share your gifts with the world and

help your ideal clients achieve what they're capable of but you're just so tired of the struggle!

and that's where I come in!

I'm Debra Santangelo and I know EXACTLY how you're feeling!


For over five years I was a struggling entrepreneur.

From the outside everything looked fabulous.

I was a travel writer and a New York correspondent for an online Italian magazine.

Everyone thought I was flying high, but.....

the reality was very different!

I was making under $500 every month and even that was truly inconsistent to say the least!

Then I decided that enough was enough.

I had hit rock bottom and I decided that I was the only one who could make a change to my life and my circumstances.


I invested everything I had in a top coach who helped me achieve clarity around my business ideas and confidence in my abilities.

I put powerful business structures in place and, most importantly, I worked on strengthening my mindset.

Then, I booked my first $5000 private client.......

and never looked back!


I now work consistently with my ideal clients and I get to help other women build successful online businesses that give them financial freedom and independence.


Introducing - 

my 2019 private mentorship programme

We will work together to take your business to the next level and help you design a life that you always dreamed of!

Your mentorship will be completely tailored to your own needs but here are some points that we will cover over our 12 weeks together -



Clarity and Offerings

We will -

* get crystal clear around your desires so that we can plan out the very best plan of action to accomplish your goals.

* look at your areas of expertise and how you love to work then design offerings that will attract your ideal clients with ease.

* look at your pricing strategy and help you receive the kind of money that truly lights you up.


Business structures and Marketing Strategies

This is where I will help you combine your desires and intuition with the most effective systems and structures to ensure you work from a place of inspired action rather than overwhelm.

This includes - 

* Creating sales pages and website copy that convey the right information and book clients consistently.

* Developing a streamlined online marketing system that gives you freedom to sign up potential clients without sitting at your laptop 24/7.

* Diving into social media marketing and developing a powerful plan designed around your own needs and preferences.

* Other highly effective strategies such as webinars, audio trainings, lead magnets. We will personalise these to your own needs and completely tailor your marketing approach.

Mindset and sales

The right packages and structures are essential but we all know that these won't serve you if you don't feel confident about selling your services!

That's why we will -

* work together to ensure that you feel super confident about hopping on the phone with potential clients. 

* go over an outline for your sales call so that it's more like a friendly conversation that a pushy, marketing call.

* remove money blocks so that you're completely free to receive a high level of abundance.

* talk about your own energy, desires and boundaries and what you're available for in your daily life. 

* create a strong mindset and wealth consciousness that will allow you to live fabulously free!


This is a guideline around what we will cover during our 90 days together but we will personalise our sessions to ensure that you get the EXACT support that you need to become financially free.


Your private coaching mentorship includes -


  • A Comprehensive Welcome Pack

  • A 60 minute Initial Coaching Session

  • 11, 40 minute Private Coaching Calls

  • 90 Days of Personalised Email Support



Bonus - 'Get Booked Up On Instagram'

You will also get immediate access to my 6 week "Get Booked Up On Instagram' course to ensure that you are provided with the very social media training from the very beginning!

This includes value packed video trainings and PDF to help you master Instagram and attract your ideal clients effortlessly (the majority of my clients still come from Instagram).




** Investment **


£3,000 in full - or - 3 payments of £1,100

(APPROX. $3,860 USD)

Request a free clarity call now to ask Debra your questions or to enrol -


Sign up for a free clarity call for more details or to enrol - 

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