I hope you're having a fantastic week and had an amazing Halloween! I had so much fun with my two daughters and the dark nights have also signalled the start of cosiness and candles in our house.........is it time for mulled wine yet?!

We leave for Sicily next week which means that I have been busy planning and organising. As I always tell you, I absolutely love the fact that I can work from anywhere in the world, but as we are visiting family next week, I also want to be sure that I leave myself time to truly be 'in the moment'. 

There are so many amazing tools and systems out there which make it possible for me to schedule my tasks easily and effectively. This means that I can do work in advance and set up dates and times for the content to be published. 

Here are my five top tips for scheduling effectively:

1) Set aside a block of time each day or at the beginning of each week to write out your Facebook posts. You could do this in a note application like Evernote or even in a spreadsheet. If you are consistently posting in Facebook groups to promote your business, every time you want to post something just copy and paste from the content that you have already created. This saves you from having to keep coming up with fresh ideas when you could be spending your time more effectively.

2) If you are creating posts for your actual Facebook business page then you can create the post, schedule it for a chosen time and just forget about it. Facebook will then post for you.

3) As you know, I am an absolute Instagram addict - I love it! I always post at least once a day and the app I would recommend to you for scheduling Instagram posts is called 'Publish'. This allows you to set up your post (and it even calculates the best time) and then the app sends you a reminder.

4) Hootsuite is a great app for any of you that use multiple social media accounts. It provides a completely streamlined system which means you only have to schedule a post once and it will be sent at the required time to all of your accounts e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Such an effective way to raise your visibility across many different platforms.

5) My final tip is for any of you who send out newsletters (something I recommend for all of you!). This is an activity that should be performed with consistency in order to build up trust amongst potential clients. If you know that you are not going to have the opportunity to create your newsletter content for a certain day or week, then set aside a time that works best for you and write the content in advance. You can then schedule the newsletter to go out at a specific date and time and forget about it. Some people actually choose to create a batch of several newsletters and then schedule one for each week! 

If you need any extra tips make sure to reach out to me in The Jet Set Entrepreneur Facebook Group (did I mention that it's free?!).

Have a fantastic day lovely!

With lots of jet set love,

Debra xxxx

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