Happy Friday! I hope your week has gone fantastically and you're all set to enjoy your weekend! 

This is the last full week of January and I am actually looking forward to leaving the New Year whirlwind behind and moving into an exciting space of consolidation and growth. I love setting my yearly intentions in January and laying down my fabulous goals for the year ahead but now I can't wait to watch the amazing women in my Jet Set community step into their power and show 2016 what they're made of!

As we are still looking ahead to the coming year and dreaming about how we want our life to look by the end of 2016,  I feel drawn to talk to you about our beliefs and how these affect our life experiences as a whole.

Beliefs are an intriguing subject as we often don't even acknowledge them and they can be hidden deep down inside us but our beliefs are actually the driving force behind every action that we take. 

We think of beliefs as facts that are set in stone but in actual fact they are only opinions that we have been collecting from a very early age and, on the contrary, they are very dynamic and changeable. 

In his book 'Infinite Possibilities' Mike Dooley states that "the key to changing your life lies in changing your beliefs". 

Ask yourself today, what limiting beliefs do you hold that have become a hindrance to you and your dreams? 

Take a moment to think about how you view different areas of your life, you can even write your thoughts and feelings down on paper. 

For example, when you think about money do you feel negativity and as though there is never enough? When you think about your life in general, do you feel like it is an uphill struggle and bad things always happen to good people?

You may think that these are simply observational facts about your reality but in actual fact they are the beliefs that have helped to create your reality. When you realise this you are placing yourself back in control of your life.

Mike Dooley states that your beliefs control your thoughts, words and actions which in turn affect the world around you.

Until your beliefs change, your world and your life cannot change.......but thankfully...........all beliefs can be changed!

If your beliefs stay the same, your thoughts stay the same and therefore so do your experiences. It is a never ending cycle that only you can break.

Don't be hard on yourself about any of the answers that you gave in the above exercise. Whenever we shine a light on areas of our life that we want to work on, we can come across resistance and negativity but this is your opportunity to put yourself back in the driver's seat and take back control of your life!