I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and spent some special time with the people you love the most!

Before I went away to Sicily I spoke to you about the importance of scheduling and how this is vital to the creation of a freedom-based business. Well, today I want to speak to you about another of my top freedom-creating tools and something that is very topical in my life at the moment......DELEGATION.

If you are in The Jet Set Entrepreneur Facebook group you will already know that I am currently in the process of hiring an assistant and I am so excited about it.........but I haven't always felt that way. It has required a big mental shift to relinquish control of some of the smaller aspects of my business and actually trust somebody else to do it!

If you are an entrepreneur like me then I'm sure you can relate to this situation. Our businesses are so precious to us and we want to deal with every little aspect of it ourselves.

However, there comes a time when our business grows to a stage that it is no longer practical to spend two hours working on behind the scenes admin when those same two hours could be spent working on client-specific activities. 

The best way to illustrate this is with numbers. For example, if you are a consultant and you charge your clients £150 per hour, then you have effectively just paid £300 for two hours administration work when you could have hired somebody to do it for you for £15! That time could have been spent on client-generating activities such as discovery calls or creating copy for your next juicy free guide. 

Even fifteen minutes here and there throughout the day add up to a considerable waste of your skills and resources.

I always advise my clients to
think big and 'act as if'. This means stop playing small and start behaving like a globally successful business owner would. Step into your power and start as you mean to go on.

Even if you only hire a virtual assistant for one hour a week to begin with to help you format and send out your newsletter, you are still taking a big step towards owning your power.

Your task for today is to write "who else could be doing this?" and stick it next to your computer or your workspace. Throughout the day keep looking at the note and consider if anybody else could be doing the task at hand. You will be surprised just how many things could be delegated....thus leaving you with more time to spend on your core business activities.

Watch this space to find out how my own delegation experience goes! 

With lots of jet set love,


Debra xxxx

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