Our Christmas tree is finally up! I'm even more excited now that the house is feeling festive and the stockings are hung up on the fireplace.

Can you believe that this is the last full week before Christmas? I'm sure that all you fabulous entrepreneurs agree that this doesn't mean that work is winding down. If anything, things are heating up as we make sure that this year goes out with a bang!

I've mentioned before about the morning routine that I go through before I dive into my 'busy' work but I've now implemented a new ritual (actually recommended to me by my own fabulous coach) that I want to tell you about.

Over the past few months I have started meditating for 10 minutes before I start my work day. I actually listen to a guided meditation by one of my favourite speakers and this really helps me feel inspired and motivated.

When the idea of meditation was first suggested to me, I was quite resistant to the idea and cited the usual excuses....."I don't have time", "I have more important things to do". etc. etc.

However, when I allowed myself the space to try out this amazing resource, I was completely surprised by how natural it felt and by the clarity that it provided to my goals and intentions.

It is now an integral part of my morning routine.

The steps that I have more recently integrated into my morning are the following:

1) I write down my three top intentions for the day.

My to-do list is normally much longer then three items but I decide on my three top priorities for the day and make space for them in my calendar (as always I like to have everything scheduled!).

This is often a break down of my monthly intentions. For example, if I want to book five clients this month and my conversion rate for discovery calls is 50% then I need to book ten discovery calls this month. If I generally convert 50% of free strategy calls into discovery calls then that equals 20 strategy calls this month (five per week).

Therefore one of my daily intentions could be talking to my ideal clients in Facebook and Instagram and setting up calls with them.


2) I write down my three desired feelings for the day.

I close my eyes for a moment and think about the feelings I really want to experience today, then I write them down in my journal. For example, focused, empowered and happy.

Throughout the day I then check in with my list to see if my actions are in alignment with my desired feelings.

It also means that if I feel a creativity block for a project, I can refer to my list and ask "what can I write or create that would make me feel that way?".

Everyone can create their own morning routine but I wanted to share mine to inspire you.......feel free to adopt it as your own and let me know how you get on!

With lots of jet set love,

Debra xxxx

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