It's the weekend woo hoo! I absolutely love my business but there's still something special about waking up on a Saturday and snuggling back under the duvet.

I think it's a throw-back feeling to my office days when I spent each day counting down to Friday!

I was looking through some recent photos on my computer yesterday and I came across this one which really made me smile.

I'm definitely a sunshine girl (interesting random fact: I was voted Miss. Sunshine in my university Spanish class haha) and I love the bright rays coming over my shoulder. It makes me remember how happy I was in that moment, olive picking with my little family.

Do you sometimes feel like life is a blur of 'busyness' and an overwhelming to-do list?

Well, you are the only one who can create your own freedom! 

Here are my top tips for creating a stress-free work week -

  • Write down every single thing that you need to get done and make time for it in your calendar. 
  • Try to schedule these tasks into four days through the week so that the fifth day is your freedom day.
  • Schedule your social media posts for the next week and forget about them.
  • Every morning without fail write down your top three action steps and intentions for the day.
  • Take set breaks throughout the day where you step away from your computer and actually get some fresh air!

Do you have a photo that invokes certain feelings for you? Why don't you pin it up at your workspace to bring you perspective and remind you to schedule time into your busy day to create even more amazing memories!

Have a fabulous weekend!

With lots of jet set love,

Debra xxxx

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